Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How early is the chef going to arrive to the activity?

A: 2 to 4 hours earlier, depending on the size of the order, and appetizers.
B: For Roast Pork, the chef will arrive 6 hours earlier

Q: What is included in the service of the chef?

A: The chef will cook everything, fresh on site and will serve the paella. He will stay an hour after the paella is ready but if more time is needed, then it will be a cost of $50.00 for each additional hour.

Q: Your services extend up to what other cities?

A: Naples, Palm Beaches and Key West.

Q: What is included on the price of the paella?

A: It includes the chef, salad and bread. It does not include dinnerware, utensils, etc.

Q: Does service to these areas have any additional delivery cost?

A: Yes, $1.50 each additional cost (one way), out of Miami-Dade, from our location at 10872 SW 181th Terr, Palmetto Bay FL.

Q: How much in advance do i have to make the reservation?

A: It depends on the day of the week or the season of the year. We recommend as soon as you have the dates of your event. In some occasions we’ve had people calling on a Saturday and we’ve been available but try not to run a risk and call in advance.

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