Roast Pork

Cuban Style Roast Pig

We offer the authentic Cuban style roast pork directly from our charcoal oven to your table. The Cuban traditional pork roast recipe will have your taste buds dancing with joy from its tender meat, luscious juices and smoky flavor. Our pork is organically raised by local farmers and immersed 24 hours before serving it in an authentic Cuban Mojo. It is gently roasted for hours until the meat parts the bone. Treat your loved ones to an exquisite Cuban experience!

This is prepared for a minimum of 50 guests

50 $16.00 $800
60 $15.00 $900
70+ $13.5 $945

*The service include Arroz Moro (rice and beans), Cuban Bread and Salad.  You can ask for a side of sweet or green fried plantains or yucca for just $1.50 per guest *

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